Creating dashboards to interpret machine learning model

Nowadays, creating a machine learning model is easy because of different python libraries that are in the market like sklearn, lazypredict, etc. These libraries are easy to use and used to create different types of models along with different types of visualizations and finding out the model performance. If you don’t know how lazy predict works, check out the article given below.

The main challenge nowadays is that models are not interpreted easily which makes it difficult for a non-technical person to understand and interpret the logic and how the model is working.

Explainer dashboard is an open-source python library…

Using Shap for machine learning visualizations

Interpreting a machine learning model is a difficult task because we don’t really know how the model is working inside that black box. Interpretation is required so that we can select the best model for our data and also make it robust.

Shap is an open-source python library that is used to explain models. It can create numerous types of visualizations which help in interpreting the model and explaining how the model is working.

In this article, we will see different types of machine learning model visualizations which can be created using Shap.

Let’s get started…

Installing required libraries

We will start by…

GUI based application for EDA using Python

Exploratory Data Analysis is the initial analysis that we perform on the data to understand the data. It is important because before we create models or perform operations on the data we should what the data is all about, what all features it consists of, how these features are related to each other and the target value, etc.

If the dataset has fewer features we can use different plots and graphs and perform the initial analysis but if we have a dataset that has a large number of features it is very time-consuming because we need to write a lot…

Using Birdseye for debugging python code

Are you one of those programmers who use the print() command for debugging your python code or functions? If the answer is yes then you are not alone, most of the python programmers who use Jupyter notebook debug their code like this. There is nothing wrong with it but it is not a convenient way of how we should debug our code.

Birdseye is an open-source python library that is used to debug python code. …

Using Traingenerator Streamlit app for Pytorch & Sklearn code generation

Nowadays everyone seems to be interested in learning Data Science because everyone knows that it is an emerging field and is on the boom from past some time. There are different tutorials and blogs that can help you in getting started with Data Science. But the most important thing is getting hands-on with different frameworks for machine learning or deep learning.

Creating an understanding of different frameworks not only helps us in making our profile diverse but also helps in understanding the pros and cons of these frameworks. …

Generating prediction of the stock for a next business day

Predicting stock prices is a difficult task because it takes into account different technical indicators which are different mathematical calculations performed on stock parameters like volume, price, etc. We can use these indicators to identify different patterns that a stock follows but it is very difficult for a normal human being to understand these indicators and make a decision out of these.

Stocker is an open-source python library that can forecast the stock closing price of the next business day. You don’t have to understand or go through different technical…

Using Interpret to create Dashboards for Machine Learning Models

With the advent of technology, there are multiple machine learning algorithms in the Data Science field which makes it really difficult for a User/Data Scientist/ML Engineer to select the best model according to the dataset that they are working on.

Comparing different models can be one way of selecting the best model, but it is time taking process where we will create different machine learning models and then compare their performance. It is also not feasible because most of the models are black-box and we don’t know what is going on inside the model and how it will behave. …

Using Hypertools - A Python Toolbox

Data visualization helps in identifying hidden patterns, associations, and trends between different columns of data. We create different types of charts, plots, graphs, etc. in order to understand what data is all about and how different columns are related to each other.

It is easy to visualize data that have lower dimensions but when it comes to data having higher dimensions it is very difficult to analyze or visualize them because it is not possible to show a large number of dimensions in a visualization.

But what if I tell you that there is a python toolbox it not only…

Creating Interactive Topic Model Visualizations

Topic Modelling is a part of Machine Learning where the automated model analyzes the text data and creates the clusters of the words from that dataset or a combination of documents. It works on finding out the topics in the text and find out the hidden patterns between words relates to those topics.

By using topic modeling we can create clusters of documents that are relevant, for example, It can be used in the recruitment industry to create clusters of jobs and job seekers that have similar skill sets. …

Exploring Datasets Easily with Sweetviz

Exploring a Dataset before getting started or preparing it for a machine learning model is really important because we should know what the data is telling and what all features and target column has. Generally, we start by finding out the relationship between different columns, creating different types of visualizations, finding patterns in data, etc.

According to a study Exploratory Data Analysis consumes around 40% of the total project time, What if I say that it can be reduced to 10%? …

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